Buy Oxygen Bleach

It used to be hard to buy oxygen bleach, but those days are over. Prior to 1995, it was virtually impossible to buy this product unless you where a commercial or institutional laundry manager, or you were a specialty business that needed this chemical. But now, oxygen bleach can be found in just seconds both online and in many stores.

If you wonder where to buy oxygen bleach and get the best product, well, that's tougher. Not all oxygen-bleach products are created equal. In fact, there is a vast difference in quality among the brands you see out there.

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Some of the very popular products you see pitched on TV contain ingredients that are made offshore. As you might imagine, the quality of these could be suspect, especially if they come from China, the land of tainted dog food, lead paint on children's toys and toxic drywall that corrodes copper wire and HVAC equipment.

You have to be really careful when buying some large brands of oxygen bleach. They, in my opinion, stretch the meaning of the phrase: Made in the USA. Some of the products that are out there with this phrase on the bottle should actually say: Bottled in the USA with Ingredients that are MADE IN CHINA.

If you're in doubt about where the ingredients come from, just go to the product's website and contact them. See what kind of answer you get back if you're concerned about the origin of the product.

You can buy oxygenated bleach right here from this website. What's more, this product is absolutely truly Made in the USA. The active ingredient is made in Houston, TX and the alkalinity booster comes from the great state of Wyoming. What is this amazing product? It's Stain Solver.


The Stain Solver brand contains ingredients made here in the USA and the raw materials used to make the active ingredient are registered food-grade quality by the FDA. What's more, Stain Solver contains the maximum amount of active ingredient as allowed by Federal Department of Transportation regulations. You simply can't buy a more powerful oxygen bleach than that.

Many manufacturers of oxygen bleach cloak how much active ingredient their product contains. This website is about to hire an independent testing lab to do a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all of the major brands on the market. Those results will be published here and be available free of charge. This independent lab testing should be complete by the fourth quarter of 2011.