How Do I Clean Granite? - Oxygen Bleach

Do you have a grease or cooking oil stain on your granite countertop? Perhaps you spilled some olive oil or your kids left a pizza box on the granite overnight. Relax!

You can easily remove oil from granite countertops using a high-powered oxygen bleach. The key is to just have patience as the cleaning process could span a few days depending upon the density and porosity of the granite.

I've successfully removed cooking oil and grease stains by simply scattering some of the oxygen bleach powder on top of the oil-stained granite. Sprinkle a generous amount of the powder and then cover it with a soaking wet paper towel. Put enough water in the paper towel so that it's very wet, but not so much water that the water starts to flow off the top.

Keep this paper towel in place for at least six hours. At the end of the wait period rinse the granite with clear water and dry. You may still see a wet spot, but allow the granite to dry for a day before you judge the results.

It really helps to take before and after photos of the stain so you can see if you're making progress. Often, using Stain Solver oxygen bleach, the oil or grease stain disappears after the first attempt.

If the oil soaks deeply into the granite, it could take several applications to remove all the oil. Photographs will help you chart progress.

Oxygen Bleach Quality

Stain Solver is one of the most powerful oxygen bleaches you can buy. The two ingredients in it are certified organic by the USDA. The ingredients are made in the USA. The maximum amount of active ingredient allowed by law is put into the product.

Other major brand oxygen bleaches that are heavily advertised on TV can't make these claims. It's believed their ingredients come from China. What's more other oxygen bleaches contain high amounts of fillers, dyes, fragrances, and questionable color crystals. They are not certified organic.

Using a low-quality oxygen bleach may not work to get your oil stain from your granite top. Purchase a high-quality oxygen bleach to protect your investment.

Preventing Oil Stains in Your Granite

Once you've removed the grease or oil stain, clean the entire granite top. You can just mix up a solution of oxygen bleach - four ounces of powder per gallon of hot water. Stir it until the powder dissolves. Apply this solution, let it sit on the granite for ten minutes, then lightly scrub.

Rinse the granite and allow it to dry for a day. After the stone is dry, seal it with the most expensive granite sealer you can buy. Follow the directions on the label of the sealer to get the best results.

This article was written by Tim Carter, the founder of He's been an advocate for safe cleaning since 1995. Once you try oxygen bleach, you'll never switch back to using any other cleaner. Why? Because it's green, it's a multi-purpose cleaner, and it's non-toxic.