Oxygen Bleach Cleaners

Oxygen bleach cleaners are typically a powder that you mix with water. Some people don't like this, as they want a pre-mixed liquid that comes in a bottle. The trouble is, the cost per ounce of a liquid pre-mixed cleaner is often many times what it costs for an oxygen bleach you mix yourself.

If you've watched television over the years, especially cable TV, you're undoubtedly familiar with Billy Mays. Billy's bombastic personality was paramount in bringing oxygen bleach to the forefront of the American public. Billy made a fortune for himself and the Colorado company he pitched for.

You may be interested in oxygen bleach for any number of reasons:

If you're like me, you possible only knew of one other bleach - that being chlorine bleach. That's the smelly liquid that comes in the white plastic bottles at the grocery store.

Chlorine bleach has an offensive odor, it's not color-safe, it's toxic to plants, animals and humans, it's not fabric-safe, and it can mix with other household chemicals to create poisonous chlorine gas.

You don't have to worry about that if you buy a powdered oxygen bleach.

Oxygen bleach cleaners work best when you mix them with hot or warm water. The longer you allow the solution to sit on the object being cleaned, the easier it is to clean the thing. Take ceramic floor tile grout as an example. If you let the oxygen bleach solution sit for 15 or 20 minutes before you scrub, it takes very little work to make the grout look like the day it was installed.

Oxygen bleach can be used to clean just about anything that's water washable. The only things I would not use it on would be wool, silk and redwood lumber. It can discolor these things.