Where to Get Oxygen Bleach

It's easy to find oxygen bleach. You can get it at many brick and mortar stores, home centers and from online stores. But before you buy oxygen bleach, be aware that there are vast differences between brands. Some are far more powerful than others.

When I still lived in Cincinnati, OH, I saw containers of oxygen bleach on the shelves of my neighborhood IGA store. When I saw the extremely low price of the product, I knew instinctively that it was a very inferior product. After all, I know what the active ingredient inside the container cost, so there was no way there was much of it inside the plastic jar.

If you can plan ahead, instead of having to buy oxygen bleach at the last moment, you can get the best stuff online. Stain Solver is one online brand that contains ingredients that are all made in the USA. Very few other oxygen bleaches can say that.

I've also found oxygen bleach at hardware stores, specialty product stores and large national retailers. It makes sense to find the product at specialty stores and businesses when you realize all the things oxygen bleach can clean.

I would expect wineries that sell direct to consumers to have it next to the cash register. Anyone buying a bottle of red wine should also buy a container of powerful oxygen bleach since it easily can remove red wine stains from table cloths, carpet or upholstery.

Stores that sell fine kitchen tools and supplies might carry oxygen bleach too. When you see how it cleans caramelized grease from baking pans, cookie sheets, and oven racks, it just makes sense for them to have it.

Paint stores that sell great deck sealers should carry the product too. Oxygen bleach is perhaps the best cleaner for wood decks because it doesn't take the color out of the wood and doesn't damage wood like pressure washers do.

Carpet and furniture stores should carry oxygen bleach too. Nothing gets out tough stains like kid's juice boxes and cola spills from carpet and upholstery like a powerful powdered oxygen bleach.

I think you get the point. If you visit a store near you that doesn't carry a great American-made oxygen bleach, ask them to. Tell them you would buy it from them. Tell the store manager you want convenience and high-quality products.

Do that and you'll be able to get oxygen bleach just about everyplace you shop!